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Below are some of the wonderful testimonials we have been receiving from our customers. We wanted to share our letters with you for your reading pleasure! If you are a current customer and would like to submit a note to be used on our testimonial page just email us your thoughts. Our goal is to be the top in customer service and we love to hear from you!

“I love to decorate for all occasions and seasons. Flags are a great way to decorate my front porch and hopefully the neighbors enjoy them to!”​

Valerie J.. – Illinois

“Your flags are a beautiful addition to my home – people remark how nice everything looks!”

Dutch M. – Pennsylvania

“Love the flags! Buy all my flags here!”

Patty C. – Florida

“I love all the Great flags on your web page!”

D C Rivera. – Mississippi

“All our garden flags are from Garden House Flags. We post them every season, year after year and they continue to last. The best!”
Love the flags! Buy all my flags here!

D C Rivera. – Florida

“I love the irish flags everyone wants to know what the gaelic words on my flag mean. (A Hundred Thousand Welcomes)!”
Love the flags! Buy all my flags here!

Debbie D. – Pennsylvaniapi

“I have many of your garden flags (and house flags) in my collection. Just love them!”

Terri B. – USA

“The flags are durable colorful with amazing prints. Great artists and a great selections!”

Cecilia M. – Canada

“Garden House Flags has the best selection of flags and banners for every occasion! I have purchased a lot of garden banners for every season and holiday. I Love them!”

Gretchen D. – Illinois

“House flags are a way to style the outside of my house.Give it some pep to go with the season.I always use garden house flags.This month September my favorite month (apples & my birthday)!”

Kelli H. – Alabama

“I love the variety of flags available for all the seasons!”

Patty C. – USA

“Love your flags…I change them every month. Great for curb appeal!”

Sharon G. – Virginia

“I love the seasons and love to celebrate with my flags!”

Brenda A. – Virginia

“Love the variety of flags you have. Y’all are the best!”

Sue F. – New York

“I like flags because it displays the time of year and are pretty
garden accents!”

Debbi V. – USA

“Great material and many designs to choose from. I Love GardenHouseFlags.com!”

Marilyn T. – Illonois

“Love your flags! Very high quality and a great selection!”

Leslie S. – Pennsylvania

“I love the variety and prices this company offers!”

Kim D. – Indiana

“I celebrate the changing of the seasons with Garden House Flags!”

Jean B. – Virginia

“Love your flags! Very high quality and a great selection!”

Leslie S. – Pennsylvania

“Love these flags! They are so well made!”

Nancy C. – Pennsylvania

“I’m so excited to have found your site!”

Susan B. – Illinois

“Love the fall flags and matching doormat I just received from GardenHouseFlags.com! I keep a whole drawer full of seasonal flags ready to hang all the time!”

Anne L. – Canada

“These flags are so nice, I will never order from anyone else.
I have bought 6 of them so far, and getting ready to get
a Valentine’s one!”

Patty H. – Missouri

“GardenHouseFlags is a terrific site. I use them for all my flag orders. Beautiful flags!”

Salianne H. – California

“True Love flag is by far the prettiest wedding flag i’ve been able to find. I can’t wait to hang it for my son’s wedding!”

Darlyne P. – New Jersey

“I love the flags from your store!”

Pamela G. – Michigan

“Love the selection, and the prices can’t be beat!”

Pamela R. – Ohio

“I love these flags and so many selections!”

Mary S. – Kentucky

“Great flags and great prices!”

Linda M. – Massachusetts

“Great flags and great prices! Also good quality!”

Jeanne K. – Florida

“Great flags!”

Ruth M. – New York

“The most reliable shop online!”

Dagmar O. – Georgia

“The most reliable shop online!”

Lori L. – USA

“I love these flag!”

Margo L. – Colorado

“I love these flag!”

Patty T. – California

“Great flags and great prices!! Also good quality!”

Jeanne K. – Florida

“I love GardenHouseFlags.com they have a great selection of items!”

Tammy C. – Florida

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