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Patriotic Wreath Flag | Patriotic, 4th of July, Decorative, Lawn, Flag


Garden Flags 12.5″ x 18″
Displays Best on Garden Flag Stands

Pineapple Stripes Flag | Summer Flags | Welcome Flag | Cool Flag


House Flags 18″ x 40″
Displays Best on House Flag Pole/Stand


Charming Rose Yard Sign Image 320x320


Give your front lawn/garden a
beautiful accent to greet passersby.

Double Topiary Mailbox Cover | Mailbox Wraps | Mailbox Covers


Turn your mailbox into a work of art
with eye-catching Mailbox Covers.

Fireworks Flag | Patriotic Flags | 4th of July Flags | Cool Flags


Warmly greet guests at your doorstep
with stylish Doormats.

Flower Truck Door Decor


Adorn your door with beautiful art that
leaves an impression on guests.

Patriotic Beach Flag | Summer Flags | Decorative Flags | Cool Flag


Shop the latest & trending
additions to the site.


Freedom Chalkboard Flag | Discount, Decorative, Clearance, Flags


Same quality seasonal flags
at greatly reduced prices.

Hello Bird Art Pole min


Create artist inspired focal points in your garden
Made in the USA

Sunflower Check Flag | Inspirational, Farmhouse, Floral, Flags


Flags with image and wording
that read correctly on both sides.

Butterflies Lightsock min


Hanging luminary lanterns
Made in the USA

Firecrackers Flag | Applique Flags | 4th of July Flag | Welcome Flag


Stitched & embroidered polyester flags
providing a unique 3-D effect.

Sunflower Pineapple Flag | Burlap, Spring, Cool, Garden, Flags


Stitched & embroidered burlap flags
providing a unique 3-D effect.

Garden House Flags

When wanting to spruce up the exterior of your home to make a great impression, Garden House Flags is the place to go for decorative flags and garden accessories! Since opening our doors in 2001, we have provided customers with quality seasonal flags, decorative mailbox covers & doormats, magnetic yard signs, garden flags, and outdoor garden accessories that add curb appeal while making your yard stand out in style.

Decorative outdoor flags inspire creativity while adding focal points in your garden.  Yard flags make easy work when celebrating seasons & holidays or adding bursts of color from artist inspired designs. At Garden House Flags, we proudly provide our customers with quality outdoor flags with an outstanding variety of themes from which to choose.

Our decorative house flags are designed with durability and style in mind. As a small, family-run business, we are committed to providing our customers with the personalized service and quality products they deserve.

We are passionate about House flags Garden House Flags. We are dedicated to ensuring our customers ability to celebrate every season, holiday, and special occasion in their unique or personal style, using decorative flags and coordinating yard décor.  We even carry a large selection of discount decorative flags!

Offering the Best in House, Garden, and Discount Flags

Whether looking to enhance your lawn or garden, flags add something special to any space. At Garden House Flags, we provide customers with specialized flags and accessories that make outdoor decorating easy.

Our team is here to help you get your home & garden set up just as you imagined.  From flag stands to matching garden flags & house flags. In addition to decorative garden flags, we proudly provide customers magnetic yard signs and customizable address plaques that clearly state your street address.

There is no limit your imagination when it comes to mixing & matching our yard & garden decor. At Garden House Flags, we are always available to help customers pick and choose between the many magnetic mailbox covers, art poles, decorative doormats, and door decor we have available.

When not in use, all our products — from decorative garden flags to discount house flags — are simple to store. They do not take up a lot of space, which means you can enjoy creating a year-round collection of seasonal & holiday garden décor that doesn’t require a lot of storage space!

At Garden House Flags, we see a lawn and garden as a blank canvas, waiting for your personal design touch. We provide our customers the garden accessories to leave a lasting impression on the people passing by. At Garden House Flags, we provide dedicated service to our customers.  Our quality outdoor art decor provides the building blocks required to achieve their unique sense of style.

If you are unsure if garden flags are right for you, start with a select from our wide variety of discount flags.  With just a glance, your new discount garden flag will provide instant improvement in your home’s curb appeal while reflecting something personal

Products with Durability, Quality, and Style

At Garden House Flags, we have researched the best materials and manufacturing processes for our products.  This allows our customers to shop, knowing that they do not have to worry about quality or craftsmanship of our products.  There are less expensive flags on the internet, but premium products come at a higher price.

We offer over 5,500 high quality garden products from which our customers can shop. Garden House Flags offers its customers the largest selection of premium decorative flags and garden décor.  We believe options provide our customers more opportunity to express themselves.

House, Discount, and Decorative Outdoor Flags

No matter from what direction they are viewed, our decorative outdoor flags promise to please the eye. Both house flags and garden flags are showcased in our inventory. As well as a large variety of clearance flags at discount flag prices.

Scale of a flag matters.  Choose from two size options:  garden flags which are 12.5 inches by 18 inches or house flags which are 28 inches by 40 inches. No matter what size you choose, the artist-inspired image is visible on both sides of the fabric panel.

Standard Garden Flag Stands or House Flag Stands make changing our discount outdoor flags simple and easy.  It is a breeze to swap out decorative flags to reflect seasons, holidays, or special occasions. We have decorative flags for graduations, birth announcements, birthdays, and special awareness support.  A flag for all occasions.

Decorative flags are fantastic additions to garden beds, where a pop of color can make all the difference. Not only do they act as focal points in an outdoor space, but they can also create a one-of-a-kind whimsical effect.

Keeping decorative garden or house flags secured is simple when using our selection of metal hardware stakes and flagpole accessories. They are powder coated for outdoor durability and easy to install.  They are designed to showcase the beauty of your flags from all angles.

There is no need to worry about wear and tear when it comes to our decorative flags. We use fade-resistant materials that move easily in the breeze to make sure flags will always fly and look their best.

Magnetic Yard Signs and Address Plaques

For many of our customers, the inclusion of a magnetic yard sign or address plaque is the ideal addition to the home. Homeowners that opt to order yard signs will find that we provide them as a two-part system.

Our metal yard signs are a two-piece interchangeable system.   A variety of decorative magnetic signs or address plaques can easily be interchanged on a durable metal yard stake. The magnetic yard sign or address plaque can be changed quickly and easily to celebrate the current season or holiday, while the metal yard stake remains firmly placed in the yard.

While both the decorative yard sign and the address plaque have colorful artist inspired images, an address plaque includes a set of vinyl numbers that allow customization to designate your specific street address.

Customers love the outdoor durability of these high-quality magnetic yard signs with a colorful eye-catching vinyl image. Our magnetic yard signs & address signs are manufactured with a color sublimination printing process resists color fading.  They are beautiful and make locating your home a breeze.  Simply swap out the magnetic sign on the metal yard stake when ready for a change in season, holiday or special occasion.  It takes seconds to refresh your garden decor.

Magnetic Mailbox Covers

If your mailbox is looking tired and in need of a sprucing, then try our magnetic mailbox covers.  Mailbox covers are designed to fit a standard 6.5-inch by 19-inch metal mailbox and provide a new level to garden decoration.  The colorful artist inspired image is printed on a durable vinyl using a high dye saturation process that resists fading to create long lasting beauty.

Magnetic mailbox covers quickly and easily transform mailboxes that suffer from paint chips or dents over time. The cover comes with two magnetic strips that allow for secure adhesion to a metal mailbox without having to worry about the cover shifting.  If you have a plastic or aluminum standard size mailbox, you can enjoy the benefits of our colorful magnetic mailbox covers by using the magnetic adaptor kit.

Decorative Doormats

Our passion doesn’t’ stop with yard and garden flags.  We take your home décor right to your doorstep with our beautiful and durable decorative doormats. Our doormats are made from recycled rubber with a colorful dye-saturated vinyl image that resist fading.

Decorative doormats come in a variety of colors and themes. Our colorful decorative doormats are beautiful on their own but are optimally displayed in a black recycled rubber doormat tray.  This is a two-piece system.  The recycled rubber tray provides an eye-catching black frame to display the artist inspired colorful doormat.

The outdoor recycled doormat trays include water drainage holes and metal scrolled corners.  The indoor recycle rubber doormat tray does not have metal scrolled corners to prevent damage to flooring.

Art Poles

One of the most impactful garden decor products offered at Garden House Flags is the art pole. Sometimes referred to as a peace pole, art poles are often used as larger focal points in a garden or lawn.  They range in height from 20 inches to 6 feet.  Grouping varying heights of Art pole increases their impact in the space.  Peace poles also come with hammered birdbath tops or can be topped with a birdhouse.

Many homeowners utilize art poles to memorialize loved ones, as well as beloved pets.

Art poles showcase decorative dye-saturated vinyl images that are wrapped around durable PVC. They are easy to install and require no tools.  The central auger pole screws into the ground and the vinyl wrapped PVC pole sits securely over the auger pole.

Door Decor

Dress up your front door for the holidays or any special occasion with a collection of door decor hangers available at Garden House Flags.

Manufacture on durable foam board and overlaid with a vinyl dye saturated artist image, door hangers warmly welcome guests to your home.

Customers love and appreciate the ease with which door decor can be changed out. Mix-and-match door decor with decorative flags, doormats, mailbox covers, or yard signs.

Each door hanger comes in a box, making it the ideal gift.


Our staff at Garden House Flags understands the joy and beauty garden and lawn accessories bring to your home’s curb appeal.  That is why we are passionate about making sure our customers have access to a large variety of quality garden accessories needed to create their own sense of curb appeal.

So, check out our specialty items such as birdhouses and birdbaths.  These items are great ways to draw feathered friends and provide them colorful shelter.

From garden bells & garden angels to metal yard signs, Garden House Flags caters to yard accessories of all types to inspire your outdoor spaces.

Enjoy Easy Online Ordering and Delivery

The layout of our online store makes shopping not only easy but enjoyable.  Our online store is easy to navigate and visually appealing.  Easily shop our selection of flags by season, holiday, vendor, or theme to quickly narrow your search. We offer several payment options.  Once your online purchase is complete, you receive a detailed confirmation email.  Then use your tracking number to follow the delivery of your package right to your front doorstep!

Expect the Best with Garden House Flags

Garden House Flags is truly a one-stop resource for decorative house flags, garden flags, and garden accessories. Our vast selection of outdoor decor caters to the needs of our customers while allowing them peace of mind when it comes to quality.

Our hassle-free products come with a promise of easy installation. Flags and other garden accessories can be quickly swapped out when it is time to celebrate a new holiday, season, or special event.

Garden House Flags excellent customer service has led our way to being America’s premier garden store since 2001.  We respond to all emails and calls within 24 hours and provide seamless and successful online ordering experience from start to finish.

You can count on competitive pricing when you shop at Garden House Flags. We have built our excellent reputation on a foundation of transparency and honesty that lets our customers know they always come first.

Reach Out Today

When you are ready to enhance the look of your lawn or garden, let our professional team at Garden House Flags help. Contact us today to learn more about our many wonderful products. Our garden products add color and style to any home!

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