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House Flag Stands & Poles

House Flag Stands & Poles are optional flag accessories.  But are required hardware for optimizing & enhancing the esthetics of your decorative house flag.  We want you to get maximal enjoyment from your outdoor house flag.  Our selection of flag stands & flag poles continues to grow as we find products that pass our durability & quality tests for outdoor products.

House Flag Stands

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House Flags display best on their optional House Flag Stand or House Flag Pole.  The House Flag Stand (3.2′ wide x 6.4′ high) is a larger version of the Garden Flag Stand (14″ wide x 40″ high).  Specifically designed to provide optimal viewing of the garden flag & maximal drape of the flag.

House Flag Poles

House Flag poles are a high quality 2-piece wooden or metal pole.  When completely assembled, the pole extends approximately 60 inches in length.  Both attractive and 100% all weather resistant.  Extremely easy to set up.  The two pieces screw together and are then inserted into our Pole Bracket.  House Flag Poles come with one metal ferrule fitting.

Decorative Flag Accessories

Seasonal flags & holiday flags suit any home & garden decor.  Decorative yard flags add eye-catching detail to your home & provide colorful artisan alternatives to traditional garden decorations.  Certainly, the large selection of decorative lawn flags can be intermixed with other garden décor to enhance any home’s curb appeal.

Garden House Flags offers a growing selection of Flag Accessories designed for maximizing your Garden Flag or House Flag’s visibility & enjoyment.  Produced with quality and craftsmanship to last for years to come.

So, why wait!  Start choosing from our vast selection of Decorative flags from Studio-M Flags, Custom Decor, Breeze Decor & SnapDragon.  You’ll find seasonal flags & holiday flags for all your outdoor décor needs.  Our Flag Accessories provide optimal ways to display house and garden flags.  They are a vital part when sprucing up your curb appeal!  So, happy shopping at America’s Premiere Flag Store!