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SolarSilk Fabric: Quality You Can See and Feel

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Magnet Works Decorative Flags

Did you know … that our Magnet Works Decorative Flags are printed on an exclusive SolarSilk Fabric? This value-added feature enhances many desirable flag qualities sought by consumers.

Since prides itself on the quality and value in the flags we offer.  Therefore, our exceptional flags exceed industry standards by providing unique features to enhance the function, beauty, enjoyment and life of your outdoor decorative flag.

What is SolarSilk Fabric?

SolarSilk Fabric is unique because it is a 600 Denier, all-weather polyester which is 40% heavier than most outdoor decorative flags on the market.  

Denier is a term referring to the thickness of fibers per square inch of fabric.  Think of this like the thread count on sheets.  The higher the Denier (thread count) the better the quality which enhances other features.

Most decorative flags average 200 to 300 Denier, but Magnet Works Flags have a 600 Denier, providing greater outdoor durability.  A fabric with more threads per square inch holds up longer in the elements – extending the life of your flag.

A 600 Denier also increases the thickness of SolarSilk Fabric andprovides a soft silky feel, improving the natural drape and movement of your flag.  In layman’s terms, your flag is noticeably softer to the touch, visibly hangs better from its mounting and moves more freely & delicately in the breeze. All desirable features for outdoor decorative flags.

SolarSilk Fabric also provides superior print quality, excellent fade & mildew resistance.  The more threads per square inch means the more surface area for dyes to adhere and saturate. Increasing dye absorption per square inch will prolong the beautiful image on the flag when exposed to the elements – providing excellent fade resistance!

So now you know … a few of the value-added benefits SolarSilk Fabric offers consumers. 

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